Cracula’s Castle

Tue 24 & Thur 26 May 7pm until 9pm


Think: Vampires, Castles and Werewolves

Now add: An English Butler, Hollywood wanna-be’s, A Vampire hunter, a hapless tourist, terrible Dutch accents,
The Hunchback of Notre Dame, a dreadful script and a new sound effects guy who is flying by the seat of his pants, and you have our next Act One Theatre Restaurant offering:


From the same production team that brought you “Hacienda Del Toro” in 2021, “Cracula’s Castle” is a fun parody sourcing ideas from Dracula, Rocky Horror, The Wolfman and Dance of the Vampires that will leave audiences laughing, singing, and maybe, a little bit scared to walk back to the car!


To Audition for one of the 7x male and 7x female roles please send a text message to 0414 990 185 to indicate which night you will be attending. A confirmation text will be sent back to you. This is simply to ensure we use the audition time well

and give everyone the opportunity and time they need to perform at their best.



Please come prepared to participate in a movement, vocal and script reading audition. Please bring a backing track so that we can hear you sing. Everyone in the cast will sing, but not everyone will sing a solo.


VERGIL (Male) Announcer, commanding MC type, a little flirtatious (sings a duet)

MOLLY (Female) A older female vampire, always wanted to be a singer (sings a solo)

RUFF (Male) Quasimodo type werewolf with hump 

LUCY (Female) A young female vampire, flirtatious

COUNT CRACULA (Male) Not your average Vampire King – sings and dances (sings a solo)

JEEVES (Male) Cracula’s Butler – Posh English accent, uptight demeanour

BRADLEY (Male) Young, striking man, unexpected visitor/tourist

PROFESSOR VAN HEARSLING (Female) A Vampire hunter, speaks with a bad Dutch accent, uptight, proper, educated

WAITER/WAITRESS (2x Female, 1x Male) Will be involved for the entirety of the show. Intermingle with guests and stage characters, jump up on stage and dance and sing with the cast in ensemble numbers

1x Female – cockney accent, wants to be an actress on Broadway, waitressing to make a bit of money

1x Female – Fan girl of Vampires, loves anything ghoul like – thought the job at the castle might be cool

1x Male – Centrelink made him come to work at the Restaurant for the night 

Haunted castle.png